Facebook consistently drives growth as one of the most effective places to engage the customers you want. We have been at the forefront of Facebook Advertising since its inception, and our proven strategies have delivered staggering Return on Ad Spend to client after client, from lead gen to ecomm.

In fact, we have accomplished this for many of our clients and continue to do so. More importantly than getting you to the top of search results, we analyze and track all data, develop actionable insights, and identify areas to capitalize on. Remember, clicks, keyword phrases, and data are all crucial, but RESULTS are everything. We pay close attention to every step in the visitor flow/experience, understand user intent and execute a strategy to increase ROI.

Our experienced team of professionals understand SEO in and out. Not only do we follow white hat principals, stay on top of Google’s latest algorithm updates and properly develop and distribute content, we are also in tune with the “non-technical” aspects necessary. For example, the amount of time a user spends on your site, how useful they found your site to be, and the conversion rate are all important aspects in getting your site highly ranked. Remember, Google’s goal is to provide the searcher with the most useful and relevant results. We understand this and set up and optimize your SEO campaign accordingly. Here are a few SEO deliverables:

Keyword Research and Development:
We will determine a list of targeted keywords to focus on
Review and check Social Media Landscape and provide guidelines.

Site Optimization
We will optimize and manage all technical aspects on your website that are SEO related. These include title tags, meta tags, making sure webmaster tools are in place, revising site maps, 301 redirects and other technical aspects.

Content Research and Development:
Develop bi-weekly blog and article posts in congruence with your keywords


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